Glossary of Terms

All our maps and prints are in a good condition unless otherwise stated. A number of abbreviations are used to indicate the condition of a map or print and to provide additional information as follows:
  • EHC - Our expert hand colouring
  • B&W - Black and white (uncoloured)
  • OC - Original colouring
  • OOC - Original outline colouring
  • POC - Part original colouring
  • Lith - Lithograph
  • Engr - Engraved
  • Dec - Decorative
  • MR - Minor repairs
  • Sl - Slight
  • Sm - Small
  • Ctfd- Centrefold
  • c - Circa (approx date)
  • Set - A quantity of different prints of the same subject. Price is for a complete set
  • Fx - Foxing. Discolouration caused by damp or mineral impurities in the paper
  • IIT - Illustration in text. It may be assumed that there is text above and below and on the reverse of the image.

  • ILN - Illustrated London News
  • Graph - Graphic
  • ISDN - Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News
Sizes for the above:
  • DP - Double page, approx 350x 510 mm (14x20 inches)
  • FP - Full page, approx 250x 330 mm (10x13 inches)
  • HP – Half page, approx 170x250 mm (7x10 inches)

These very collectable and ever popular prints are all from early pre 1920 editions, some from the hard to find 1st Editions. They are not 1930’s or later reprints.

They will have been subjected to normal wear and tear associated with illustrations for childrens books which may well have been handed down from generation to generation. The prints are in a good condition but there may be minor marks/finger prints or light creasing around the border areas. Any defects which would be visible after mounting/matting are clearly noted and the price reduced accordingly.

Printed in colour, overall paper size approx. 140x100mm (5 ½ x 4 inches)

Sizes are generally given in millimetres (mm) but the equivalent in inches may be given as a guide. They are approximate and represent the image size that would be visible after mounting (matting). This is generally the engraved area plus title if this is below the border.